26 Reasons Why Jade Dragon is THE place to go for tattoos and body piercings in Chicago

  1. Jade Dragon Tattoo has been in the same location for over 25 years + is family owned and operated!
  2. Jade Dragon Tattoo is the WORLD’S BIGGEST tattoo and piercing studio!
  3. Jade Dragon Tattoo is Chicago’s oldest body piercing studio!
  4. Jade Dragon Tattoo is Chicago’s cleanest & safest tattoo & piercing studio!
  5. Jade Dragon Tattoo always uses New Needles, Tubes + Ink on each customer!
  6. Jade Dragon Tattoo has 22 World Class Tattoo Artists!
  7. Jade Dragon Tattoo has the World’s Largest Selection of Flash (over 1,000,000 Tattoo Designs)
  8. Jade Dragon Tattoo does Not use used body jewelry like other Chicagoland studios!
  9. Jade Dragon Tattoo has 6 experienced, professional body piercers!
  10. Jade Dragon Tattoo specializes in personal service! Our artists are professional friendly as well as artistic!
  11. Jade Dragon Tattoo is constantly featured in tattoo magazines, television, newspapers, etc…
  12. Jade Dragon Tattoo has had the pleasure of tattooing many famous sports + Rock & Roll personalities!
  13. Tattoos + Piercings not done under totally sterile conditions could be hazardous to your health! Jade Dragon Tattoo is the cleanest and safest place to Go!!
  14. Don’t just trust anyone with your body! Due to the popularity of tattooing + piercings many unskilled people have jumped into this business!
  15. Beware of tiny little “Hole in the Wall” tattoo studios! Their work is usually bad and unsterile!
  16. Jade Dragon Tattoo is Chicagoland’s most respected tattoo and piercing studio!
  17. Jade Dragon Tattoo has taught many of the artists you see featured in tattoo magazines!
  18. People have traveled hundreds even thousands of miles to be tattooed at Jade Dragon Tattoo!
  19. Most Jade Dragon Tattoo customers get 4 Tattoos from us (Repeat Clientele)
  20. Only the “Best Artists” work at Jade Dragon Tattoo!!!
  21. Jade Dragon Tattoo is easy to get to from 90, 94, 90/94, 294 & 290 see map or call for directions!
  22. Jade Dragon Tattoo has the largest selection of body jewelry in Illinois!
  23. Jade Dragon Tattoo can duplicate a photograph of a “loved one” in tattoo form!
  24. Jade Dragon Tattoo fixes other shops’ mistakes every day!
  25. Jade Dragon Tattoo owner Fat Joe invented toss-a-tube (disposable plastic needle barrel)
  26. If you Want the Best and Cleanest in Tattoo or Piercings… You have to Come Here!!
Since 1976 • Family Owned & Operated
5331 W. Belmont Ave • Chicago, IL 60641 • Open Every Day from Noon Til 2am!
773-736-6960 • Copyright ©2011 Jade Dragon Tattoo Inc
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