Enter the World of Traditional and Dermal Piercings at Jade Dragon

People go for piercings for a number of reasons – expressing ethnic roots, fashion or as a reconnection to primal feelings. Regardless of the reason, finding a trained piercing artist is imperative to obtaining the best result. An experienced professional should always perform traditional and dermal piercings under sterile conditions. Never attempt piercing at home – this can only result in possibly hitting a wrong nerve, cause infection and will look terrible.

Jade Dragon’s team of skilled piercers can perform both traditional and dermal piercings:

  • Tongue
  • Nose
  • Naval
  • Eyebrows
  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Arms
  • Necks
  • Body

Understanding the difference between traditional piercings and dermals is important before you make a decision. Traditional and Dermal piercings can be temporary, where the top layer of the skin is punctured. Dermal which involves the piercing entering the sub-dermal skin layer of the body. Both traditional and dermal piercings can be made on nearly any area of the body…it’s up to you to decide where.

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Avoid Infection with Proper Care of Your Piercing

Piercing bodily real estate will dictate how you care for your body jewelry. However, in general:

  • Always keep your new piercing clean
  • Wash your hands every time you touch your piercing
  • Avoid oral or sexual contact with your new piercing
  • Apply Neosporin once daily for the first week
  • Rock jewelry back and worth while cleaning

Care for ears, nostrils, septum and eyebrow:

  • In addition to the above directions, use Sensitive Ears Solution 4 times a day

Care for labret, lip, tongue and cheek:

  • Avoid infection by rinsing with Listerine each time you eat or drink anything other than bottled water
  • After swelling subsides, return to Jade Dragon for smaller jewelry

Care for navel and nipple:

  • Clean 2 times per day with anti bacterial soap
  • Anticipate some discomfort or soreness during the first two weeks
  • Accelerate healing by taking 50 mg zinc tablet 3 times a day with meals for 2 weeks

With any piercing, if you suspect infection, see your physician immediately.

To learn more about traditional or dermal piercing and care contact Jade Dragon Tattoo and Body Piercing at 773-736-6960.

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